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Like Google Adwords, Amazon too allows its vendors & sellers to optimize their products on the top searches. Amazon has started the sponsored PPC advertisements since 2012 and it is getting a huge response from the sellers. The PPC ads are helping in improving the sales as well as the rankings on Amazon. Initially, the only way to improve the ranking was through sales. Larger will be the sales, higher will be the ranking on Amazon. It is called organic optimization. Amazon optimizes the sellers and their products as the sales increases. But this hinders the sales of the newer sellers or newer products, as the new products are less visible due to their ranking on Amazon search thus it may take time to come on the top of the search on Amazon search bar. The introduction of Sponsored products ads and  Amazon PPC have come as a life saver for the new sellers as well as a boon to the already established sellers.

What do you mean by sponsored Product Ads through PPC campaigns?

Advertisements of your products on Amazon is a new way for a seller to publicize their listings. These targeted advertisements appear at the place easily visible to customers on the product pages as either on the right side, on top, at middle or at bottom of the product page. For making the product as sponsored, sellers pay some charges to the Amazon. These charges depend on the keywords that the sellers choose for their product. It helps new products to get higher rank by using this paid means.

How Amazon conducts PPC campaign?

Amazon conducts bidding for the relevant keywords. All the sellers need to decide a bid price for the relevant keywords that they choose for their products. The seller whose keyword wins in a bid and ad that match the search will have its ad visible to buyers. Thus your product gets sponsored, which helps to attract new visitors which is going to increase your sales rates.  This PPC (Pay Per Click) is now becoming viral on Amazon among sellers. For the sponsored ads, sellers pay the charge to Amazon when shoppers visit their ads. The sellers opt for sponsoring their products on the top of the customer’s search. Amazon advertising optimizes the products rankings and thereafter charges the sellers when any customer clicks the relevant ad. For each click, the sellers pay the bid value which they have decided for their keywords at the time of bidding. Amazon Pay Per Click ads help in attracting new customers to the ads as these ads become easily visible on the listing page, product page or the search pages.
Amazon gives two ways to promote the products:

  • Advertising through targeted ads for individual products
  • Headline search ads for brand promotion 

It is to be noted that only professional sellers can use Amazon sponsored Products Ad campaigns. Professional Seller Plan and Individual Seller Plan on Amazon-Key Differential points

How can an Amazon seller go for PPC campaigns?

First of all, the sellers with a professional plan can only opt for sponsored products. The individual sellers are devoid of this service of Amazon. 

Next, Amazon does not allow all the products and categories to run sponsored ads. There are a few categories that are restricted to Amazon sponsored ads.

If all set, you can choose the way in which you want your products to be sponsored i.e. either by individually listed products or by brand sponsoring for promoting your registered brand through a campaign.

For any type of sponsorship, you need to request Amazon, through your Amazon seller central account. Then Amazon conducts bids and gives you the final price as per your bidding value for your product when it receives any click.

Also, if you are a new seller or getting any problem to select the effective keywords and bid values, you can seek assistance from various PPC tools as, sellers PPC Manager, PPC scope for Amazon to optimize your search and rankings. These tools help the sellers in searching for the right keywords that drive more sales, bidding with the optimized price. These tools track the regular report of the keywords search and clicks to optimize the correct and effective keyword that helps in increasing the ranks on Amazon.

Why should the sellers opt for PPC on amazon ??

1. Makes your product more discoverable: While going through the PPC ads, the products of your store become more and easily discoverable through the search of customers. When you make your products as sponsored products, your ad becomes easily visible to the customers while looking for the products. With the trending keywords, your products get more visibility below the search bar. 

2. Drives your sales: When the discoverability of your products increases on  Amazon, there are more chances that customers can go for your product page, and when your product matches their needs they will surely click to buy your product. More visitor's flow will result in more sales. 

3. Regulates the advertising costings: PPC allows you to pay only when any customer clicks on the product ad. Amazon tracks the report of clicks and performance. This helps you to measure ROI and to adjust the bid value and regarding the budget for it.

4. Good for sellers especially the newer ones: When you put your first step on the Amazon, you can see the myriad of sellers with millennials of products. This gives a tough competition for you and your store. The Amazon organically optimizes the search according to the sales. When you are new to Amazon with your product, it takes a lot of time to come to the top of the Amazon search bar. Thus, initially, the new sellers should choose the PPC campaign so that their products reach the top of the searching results with higher rankings. While talking about the existing sellers, being in the competition is tough too.  Thus for competing with the sellers of similar products, those sellers with the sponsored products will get the top position at the Amazon searching than those going without sponsored ads and PPC campaigns. This gives more chances to have the click and confirmed buying decisions at their store.

5. Cheaper than Google Adwords: It is a myth that Amazon has higher rates for optimizing search than Google Adwords. But as per the survey, the products on Amazon need to pay lesser charges per click than Google Adwords optimization. Thus it is always good to optimize the product on Amazon, the biggest online marketplace.

Being a seller, there may be questions on how to sell with the PPC campaign with the right keywords. But there is no particular structure for all the sellers. PPC campaign should be selected on the basis of the size of your business, budgets, targets, ROI and the current sale. To be on Amazon’s top rank, higher ROI and sales are must and Amazon itself classifies its sellers as bestsellers and organically keeps them on the top rankings and then sponsored products and sellers get their rank on the basis of bid values and sales. Go with the right PPC campaigns to get higher sales.

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