Sellers enroll for brand registry Why and How

Amazon had stopped the brand registry for the initial few months of the year 2017 and in May 2017 it has again come up with the new Brand Registry program with some advancements, but still, most of the sellers are not aware of this Amazon’s change. If you too are one of them, this post is especially for you. 
Amazon has brought many changes in the old brand registry process to make the brands more protected against infringement and frauds. 

Who can apply for brand registration on Amazon?
1. Manufacturers
2. Brand owners
3. Distributors or Resellers who have the legal authorisation letter permitting to sell from the manufacturers or brand owners. 
4. Thinking to sell as a private label seller
If you too fall into any above categories, you are eligible for applying for the brand registration on Amazon.

What do you need now as per the changes by Amazon??
The older brand registry process was quite the same as the newer one despite a few advancements that Amazon has taken with the goodwill for the sellers as well as its loving shoppers. The brand registry has been done by the manufacturers or owners to protect the ownership of the products so that other sellers cannot sell their products. The brand registry gives a unique identification for the products. You need to carry the following information and document before applying for brand registry:
1. The legal name of the owner/ manufacturer with the official email address
2. Government Registered Principal Trademark Registration or Serial Number
3. Brand’s logo image
4. Image of the products as well as product packaging with the trademarked logo imprinted on it
5. A brand-oriented website for your products
6. List of categories under which you want to register your brand.
7. List of countries of manufacturing and also where you have distributed the products.

If you need registration for a new brand, then you must have all the above information while registering on Amazon, else if you are already selling with the registered brand on Amazon, you need to reapply for brand registration as per the amendments have done for including the trademark in the Amazon policy of brand registration.

How can you apply for brand registry ?

The brand registry in nutshell means the trademark registry of your brand. When you sell with your own manufactured products, you especially need ownership so that others cannot sell your products.

You need to apply by signing into your Amazon seller central account for brand registration with the documents stated above. If you have your registered trademark, then within one or two weeks Amazon completes the brand registry process. 

But...if you don’t have registered trademark for your brand, just forget to have your brand registered on the Amazon. You first must apply for trademark registration from USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office). Be aware that USPTO takes the trademark written in standard characters only or in particular typeset. 

Give the clear name and image of the logo you wish to register. It may take quite a long time as USPTO receives many cases daily for trademark registration. No worries, within this waiting approval time, you can complete and collect other documents that will help you to have a quick registration post trademark registry.

If you find any issue with brand registry process, you can avail of the assistance of Amazon Service provider for branding solutions for your products.

The categories for which you cannot own a brand registry

  • Media, Books, Video, BMVD, DVD
  • Entertainment Collectibles
  • Sports Collectibles (both new products as well as used products)

Here are the few beneficial points of brand registry:

1. Defend Your Brand From Foul Resellers
While selling the products, it might happen that other sellers can sell your product with their names. This can ruin your sales and might deploy you from winning the buy box. Thus when you sell the registered brand products, no one can resell your brand product without your permission. If any seller wants to sell your brand product he/she needs approval from you. But if you find any seller selling your products without any approval, you can file a case of infringement against them on Amazon. Amazon will take action against their fouling act.

2. Brand Registry allows more listing options:
To be an Amazon seller, you list your products in Amazon's categories with the title name, details, images and UPC/EAN. But when you go to a brand registry for listing, Amazon provides more features while listing.

  • You can include video and visual descriptions. 
  • No need to list your products by searching.
  • It reduces your time as well as errors while matching among various available products.

3. No need of struggling for UPC/EAN
Wooww… without struggling for UPC/EAN you can sell through the brand registry on Amazon. If you are a new seller, then it may be struggling for you to have UPC and EAN for your product. But if you have come with a new brand, you must go through the brand registry. This will give you an easier way and more time to sell rather struggling for codes. But if you neither want to sell with brand registry nor with UPC/EAN, you can ask for UPC/EAN exemptions from Amazon.

4. Branded Products attract more customers:
One best thing about branding is that it attracts more customers to it. The shoppers show more trust for the branded products than the unbranded ones. The products with a registered trademark drive more customers as people believe that branded products assure for more quality and service than the unbranded ones. The legal trademark enhances the customer's trust thereby hooks more customers to make the confirmed buying decisions.

Amazon always work to improve the shopping experience for the shoppers. It is thus strictly working on reducing the fraudulent and infringement cases. With the new brand registry process, it potentially makes the sellers own a registered trademark to show the trademark certificate as a proof to Amazon. Thus only authenticated sellers can sell the registered products. This would help in maintaining the trust of customers over Amazon. Moreover, Amazon is still working on the advancements in the brand registry process. There would be a lot in Amazon’s bag for the sellers. Just keep following Amazon’s guidelines and be benefitted.

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