More for Less with Amazon Prime

For starters, here is a startling fact, did you know Amazon Prime turned 12 this July! Here are some Amazon Prime jaw droppers for you. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to sign up in amazon prime, this deep dive into all benefit is for you.

The “prime” thing about Amazon Prime is that there is everything for everyone. The offerings of are astounding. Wow, so let's raise a glass of wine to that, and of course, wine is also delivered by Amazon!!

Prime started 12 years ago, almost audaciously ambitious service with just two-day free shipping.Amazon Prime can today give you everything, you can have your discounted diapers delivered while streaming a Games of Thrones marathon.So just, Let's go prime!!

1.Hurray! Free shipping:

This is amazon’s oldest and eminent benefit, depending on your location and availability, that can sometimes be reduced to 1-day shipping or same day. Amazon Prime members living in major cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, among others, can get free two-hour delivery on thousands of items.

2.A heaven for Book Lovers

A.Prime reading:

This one is overwhelming, did you know about Prime Reading! Are you a book lover who covers Amazon for a living. So just buckle up because with this prime reading, you will have access to a selection of books, magazines, comics and Kindle Singles. There's no limit on how many you can read. Titles we found include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Water for Elephants, Woman's Day and Time magazines, and lots of Lonely Planet travel guides.

B.Kindle first:

Dream come true! Every month, Prime members can read (for free) the “not yet released” Kindle books. Amazon releases a list of unreleased 6 books, with Kindle First you get to choose amongst those books and read without spending a buck.

C.Kindle’s library:

This is not just the end of the list, with the prime membership you have a chance to borrow one Kindle book per month on your own Kindle, isn't that lovely, but also make sure you return that book within a month in order to issue another.

3. Amazon Family:

How about one day you wake up and find diapers magically appearing on your door steps and that too with a discount of 20%. Behold, Amazon family by creating an account for your child and enjoy the exclusive offers and discounts, plus an off of 15% for items belonging to your baby registry.

And also after creating registry Amazon sends you coupons for a free parenting eBook, as well as 25 percent off baby apparel, maternity items, and prenatal vitamins.

4. Amazon Household:

Alas! Sharing is caring. If you have two adults living in your household, by creating an Amazon household you can simply share all the Amazon Prime benefits with another person.

5. Prime music:

Let’s sing along with this offering of prime. Amazon Prime subscribers have free access to more than 2 million songs and counting through Prime Music. So no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars. Amazon three different paid account levels:

  • Echo Plan: $3.99/month for unlimited music on a single Echo, Dot, or Tap.

  • Individual Plan: $4.99/month for unlimited music on all of your devices.

  • Family plan: $14.99/month or $149/year for unlimited music for up to six family members

6. Prime Pantry:

Instead of going to Grocery shopping, let your grocery come to you. Make a list of nonperishable and household goods and boom, your work is done. You will also have flat delivery charges on the box so just fill beyond full in order to make it cost effective.

7. Amazon Fresh:

Where prime pantry leaves off with flat rate shipping for nonperishables, Amazon Fresh just steps in with fresh produce, frozen foods, and more perishables. Prime Pantry's "fill a box" method doesn't really work here, as different items require different packaging in order to stay fresh/frozen etc.

Amazon free also provides free delivery for the orders totaling $40 or more. For your ease, to place an order, you reserve a time slot and either receive it personally from the delivery person.

8. Prime Photos:

Out of storage? Don’t worry Amazon has come with the unlimited photo storage, free with your Prime subscription. Well, the marvelous thing is that you can add up to 5 family members so that you can pool all your memories into one gigantic family collections.

9. Amazon Freetime Unlimited:

Are you a parent who wants to keep an eye on their kid? Well, now Amazon has come up with a full suite of parental controls which includes unlimited access to kid-friendly media including more than 13,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games from brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Street, just to name a few.

A member of Amazon Prime can get a discount of up to 40% discount on FreeTime Unlimited. Pricing starts at $2.99/month for a single child or $6.99/month for up to four children. There's also a 1-month free trial you can check out.

10. Twitch prime:

Well, if you are a zealot and your religion is gaming then let me tell you, twitch prime is meant for you! Gamers rejoice, Twitch prime is included free with your Amazon Prime membership. Members can enjoy free gaming content every month, plus pre-order discounts and release-day delivery, yes you heard it right.

Well, these were some of the perks that you really can munch on, by creating an account on Amazon prime. so go prime!


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