How Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day have impacted online selling

With the end of Thanksgiving day and Black Friday, the online market is buzzing on the revenue and sales that have broken the online sales and profit records of the previous years. People nowadays love online shopping even on normal days so how these big days will not be caught by them. The excitement and enthusiasm of online shoppers were at its peak. All these enthusiasm can be seen in the account of online retailers. The online sales got 2800 orders within every minute and on Black Friday peak, the sales were about $1 Million. As online shopping leverages the shoppers with home comfort, the mobs in the physical store were less than previous years and online shopping was on its boom. The online retailers on Amazon, Shopify have successfully grabbed the Black Friday festival and added color to their sales and earned a lot of profit.
Trends of Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day and Weekend Shopping
Thanksgiving day has seen $3billion of sales while $5 billion is accounted on Black Friday. Mobile has brought the utmost impact on e-commerce. On Black Friday, people added $1.4billion in sales to the online retailer’s bag by completing their orders through smartphones. All this estimation impacted that there is about 18.3% hike in sales from the year 2016. By reaching the weekend, the online retailers have gathered the collections of $20 billion. 

The deals and discounts are the biggest reasons behind such drastic conversion rates. If last year's trends are considered, Cyber Monday and weekend have brought a 4% hike in online sales. For online shoppers, these days are important as they do like the Football match and Macy’s parade.
Mobile Burst forth
The smartphones have influenced online retailers' sales as online selling was at its peak for mobile devices. 48%  of orders were made through smartphones on Thanksgiving day that was more in number than the orders from computers. The web traffic from the computer has been diverted to mobile traffic by 61% as per the Salesforce survey.  The online traffic has been increasing day by day and 2017 has shown the real drive-in conversion rates. The year 2017 with its sales has witnessed and proved that shoppers not only browse but in reality they make the confirmed buying decisions. Thanks, 
thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.
How has physical stores statistics changed?
Though the fewest people moved to physical stores on Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday yet 2017 has witnessed the hike in physical stores shopping. In 2015, 74 million people had put their foot forward to physical stores while in 2016 it is increased by 33 million and reached about 101.7 million people to reach physical stores. But the year 2017 has hit all the records and came up with 137 million peoples that went-ahead for offline shopping. This is the highest record for four days weekend of Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day celebrations.
What the statistics of annual shopping reveal as per the National Retail Federation??


Spent per Shopper   

Total Expenditure   

Percent Hike



 $501.7 billion




 $503.2 billion




 $529.4 billion




 $553.8 billion




 $568.7 billion




 $584.1 billion




 $608.0 billion




 $626.1 billion




 $655.8 billion


2017 (est.)


 $682.0 billion


The year 2008 has seen the financial crisis and thus the sales and revenue had gone through decreasing phases. But from that year onwards, the sales have been increasing year by year. In 2017, the total expenditure has reached about $682 billion from $655.8 billion in 2016. It is to be noted that this sale is estimated only and the shopping in this festive season is still going on. The alarm has buzzed from November covering Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, December sales for Christmas is on its way and New year is going to rush out all the deals and discounts in the online market. The online retailers have their hands in the bag full of revenue-generating and conversion rates to take their ROI at the highest.

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