If you follow these tips you will never lose any customer on amazon

You must have heard this phrase many times, "Customer is the king", True, isn't it? They are the center of the wheel around which, all the businesses revolve. All the strategies of marketing gurus whirl around them. So, let's try and understand the factors impacting consumer behavior.There are two important things when it comes to customers, one Acquiring a new customer and second retaining the old ones, for the latter one, customer gratification comes into the picture.

Customer gratification is also known as “customer delight” should always be the focal point for every seller, be it online or offline. The key to being successful in running any business should be to satisfy their customers by the services and the products you sell to them. Any procrastination or discrepancy will bring to the fore, a room for complaints and will negatively impact your reviews, and you don't really want that, do you? This becomes even more important when you are trying to win hearts of the buyers purchasing your product online, either through your e-commerce store or through online marketplaces like Amazon.

This blog will take you through the common reasons that contribute to discontent reviews and will give few handy tips for Amazon sellers which perhaps, can help you elude customer complaints:

  • Incomplete order
  • Product is not as described on the website
  • Unauthentic product
  • The purchased item is not functioning properly
  • Original packaging of the product is damaged
  • Order is not delivered on time
  • Warranty information is not included

On any situation my advice to you will always be to, Treat each and every customer as number one. Sellers should always ensure that the goods or the products are always well received by their customers.

Here are some points that might tip you off:

Timely delivery:

The most momentous and vital of all is timely delivery. Put yourselves in the shoes of customers, when your product is not delivered on time, annoying isn’t it? Delivering your products will not only help your customers to believe in you but will also get you good reviews and ratings. There are Amazon service providers who will provide suggestions to complement your services you can always turn to them. Your customers have great expectations so don't let them down and Make sure you try to ship orders on time without any delays.
To overcome this problem,  You can also use Amazon's FBA services to let your product reach the buyers in the quickest possible way.

Correct product images & descriptions:

You should understand, this gen believes in “buying through the image concept” that is, people, buy the products only if they appear worth buying. Your product sales largely depend on the images you use for online merchandising. While dull, poorly-lit and unclear images turn off visitors, high-resolution images with a clear background and correct lighting can help you improve the rate of conversion.
Outsourcing image editing and processing services enable online retailers to stay focused on core competencies, and provides good quality of images and ensure that they efficiently highlight both, product design and features.
On the other side, your product description should be clear and elaborative as they serve to inform potential customers about the key features and specifications of products as well as, encourage them to click the buy button.

Proper sizing & sufficient inventory:

If you are a seller, for ex. selling Footwear or Apparel (clothing) then take care about the size, as it plays a vital role here. The size of the product should be explained properly and should be mentioned in product information page so that buyers have clarity while purchasing your product. This will also gradually lower your percentage of returns.So always make sure that you mention the correct size of the product.

Authentic goods:

Selling genuine products will have a direct impact on your ratings and will also help you to get great feedbacks and ratings. You should always make sure that you sell certified goods, which will eventually enhance your reputation and increase buyers faith in you.
In addition to this never forget to share the proof of yourgenuinity in terms of any related certificate like trademark or brand authorization given by brand owners to their authorized dealers/distributors/franchise owners. This will build up the confidence of your customers for you, thus gradually create a loyal customer base for you.

Efficient packaging:

With evolving e-commerce, packaging becomes even more significant, as the person shopping online might be sitting in any corner of the world. There will be times when you need to deliver in Dallas while sitting in CA, in this cases you should take utmost care of the packaging as you are not really sure, in what part of the world your package is to be delivered.
In case you are selling perishables then please do take care that it is packed properly and if you are selling electronics then make sure to pack these with the original sealed packaging. You can use Amazon’s quality packaging material for packaging. A damaged product not only leads to the return of the product but leads to the negative review, which ultimately impacts your sales in the future too.


It is an obligation of every seller to ensure that, before shipment whether all the warranty-related documents (signed and stamped as required) are included in it or not. Reassure your customers about the genuine products by providing them original warranty cards.

Customer Support:

You should always take care of your customers, Never settle for 99% because customers they don’t get satisfied until it’s 100%. Don't just listen to your customers, instead try to understand them, and that can be only done when you pay attention to their feedbacks and grievances. Always answer queries which are put by any client about your product specially below the product details in questions and answers column. Not answering the questions might decrease your seller score for you in Amazon. Customer support includes

Returns and Refunds and Replacement- All items with the logo  on the product detail page are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). All non-FBA items are seller fulfilled. There are different (Returns and Refunds and Replacement) policies for each FBA and FBM. These refunds and replacements should be managed properly.
We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you to make the journey of your customers worthwhile. Always strive for service excellence. However, there are many Amazon service providers who can help you, if you have not yet started your journey as a seller on Amazon, you can click here.

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