Tools to manage listings for Omni Channel Sellers

The retailers nowadays are digging out the ecommerce and reaping off the fruits from all aspects. The multiple channel selling is one of them and many of the retailers are expanding their online sales through multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WalMart, 11street, LogOn etc. even in the global market like .com, .in, UK, France, Germany, Italy etc. 

For multiple channel selling, the retailers need to understand the guidelines and selling policies of different marketplaces individually and work according to them. With the enthusiasm and with audacity, the retailers put their Foot in multiple channel selling. Most of the sellers indulge themselves and initiate to setup an online store at each marketplace, list the products and items, update the listings, content, optimize and do all that is needed to run and manage an online store. But these are the stars for few nights and later on when the sales and order flow increases or marketplaces change its certain policies, it becomes difficult for them to handle all the accounts. Also, it is time-consuming to maintain all the accounts and revise the updating and listing frequently as per the guidelines of various marketplaces simultaneously which makes it more cumbersome often resulting in the suspension in any of the marketplaces.

Here the retailers demand integrated services which can manage all the accounts efficiently. Opportunely,  there are some software tools that can manage multiple channel accounts in a centralized way. These software tools:

  • Integrate the various online marketplaces with other e-commerce platforms.
  • Update the inventory across all selling channels automatically. 
  • Automatize the complete sales process right from sales orders to shipping the items and tracking delivery status.
  • Provide a dashboard and comprehensive reports that allows you to scrutinize your store performance on each channel and marketplace at every passing minute. 

Here are few software tools that can help you to widen your sales globally on multiple marketplaces and multiple channels. Let’s go through:

Ecomlister tool allows its users to upload their products listings on any marketplace and also allows to transfer on different marketplaces or platforms like Bigcommerce, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, eBay etc. The retailers need to list once on any platform and with the help of this tool the listing can be easily synchronized with other selling platforms. It manages the catalog as well and you can relist the products whenever required.

The selleractive software tool is an efficient tool for handling the multichannel sales and inventory removing the chaos of multiple marketplaces and platforms. It allows a real-time access and updates even on competitor’s prices. This tool also scrutinizes the shipping prices and picks out the one that fits into the budget for order processing. 

It simplifies the retailer’s process while uploading the image, video or catalog of the products. It gives a single dashboard to manage your product catalog with automation feature of updating on 200+ shopping channels.  

These are the few software tools only but there are more that are automated to process the orders, manage the inventory, updates the listing and calculates the sales across each marketplace on which you hold an online store. With few hacks and tips, this software can be your companion in the environment of multichannel selling.

Moment to think…

  • But what if, somehow this software fail or crash amid any calculation of sales or any listing update or even in processing of the orders; then it would not be bearable by any retailer as he may lose the management of all his stores and it would be time-consuming and even more complex, to sum up amid any failure.
  • If the software does not support bulk uploading of the products and you need to upload an individual product on each platform and to each online store of the various marketplace like .com, .in, Uk, Germany etc. one by one. It would be a burden and would require a lot of time. 
  • The guidelines and the selling policy of each platform are different; therefore the software needs to be well optimized. If the software fails on any platform and could not synchronize with other platforms then it would create more problems in handling.
  • What if the software fails in listing and updating the product list at regular interval. The optimization is the key to success and if the software fails in this optimization- you can understand how it would affect sales, ranking, and visibility of your store. 

Here you may think that on whom you should rely on? Is there any solution?
Yes, apart from the reliable software tools, there is a more reliable solution for handling the multiple accounts simultaneously and that too without any crash amid. There are the various service providers who are taking the responsibilities of your accounts on their shoulders and efficiently handle your multichannel and multi-platforms accounts. The service providers are working with the enterprises and business to maintain their accounts as per the guidelines of the different platforms simultaneously.  

Bottom line:
You should always remember that putting all eggs in one basket can be cumbersome to handle thus you should manage the different baskets. The listing updating and uploading the products at a regular interval, content and image optimization, calculation of sales and orders timely and other requirements in order processing are needed on each platform, therefore hiring the service providers is the best solution if you are sailing on the rivers of omnichannel marketing with multiple marketplaces. By giving the responsibilities of your different stores to the service providers, you can save your valuable time which can be utilized for making the business strategies and in other business processes. 


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