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Unquestionably, Amazon is the biggest internet giant with a global reach, but did you know the company began as an online seller of books? You will be startled on this one when the company was started by Jeff Bezos in 1994, it began as as in “abracadabra”. The reason behind the rapid re-conceptualization of the name was when his lawyer misheard the word as "cadaver" which meant a corpse.

Well, that was a story about how “” changed to “”, Amazon is a huge platform where there are hundreds of sellers and an estimated 90 million unique visitors to the site every month. Isn’t that enticing ?? But beware, my friend, it isn’t that easy, these hundreds of sellers are vying for the same clientele. So the question which comes up is how to make a place for your store amongst millions of people selling on the same platform.
Well, Amazon is not a magic wand, but if you work smartly then it might possess the power to turn your life upside down So nothing to worry, every seller will get a chunk of their buyer's pie.If you want to be successful on then the key to it, is by:

Let's discuss in details about these two:

Creating Successful Product Page

Work on a strong headline:

To create a successful and attractive product listing, try to give all necessary information which is not full of spams. If you try to fill up with too many keywords, then it might result in keyword spamming. Items to be included are the brand and any highlighting features or special benefits. Also, make sure to optimize the listing in order to attract more customers.

Enter Keywords as other 'Search Terms' :

If you think that, there is an important keyword that does not fit and makes sense in the title then it can be entered here, but make sure that you don’t repeat those that are already in the title.

Search for Your Own Product:

When you are done with creating a listing, make sure you attempt to search for your own product. This can be considered a good test as you will get an idea of how easy or difficult it is to locate your own product. If you cannot manage to find your own product then there is a strong possibility that others won’t either. In this case, you really need to get back to your listing and adjust the keywords. Just by searching as a buyer would, you step into the shoes of the buyer and begin to think like one. This will definitely help you to enhance your listings.

Only creating a successful page, will not make you big, you also need to focus on the different ways on how to increase your sales.

B) Embellish your Sales

According to Amazon, there is a 50-percent increase in total revenue, if you solemnly start selling on Amazon. Here are some tips regarding sales:

Don't be Afraid to Compete on Price:

Well, the price is a factor that can be used by every seller in its own favor. In the marketplace, price is one of the major element that can create product differentiation. The seller should try to list items that have enough cushion in order to absorb a lower price offer along with other selling costs. He should perform proper monitoring of competitive price so that he can outwit his competitors in terms of strategy.

Try to Sell a Unique Item:

With the help of pro plan, a seller gets the benefit, as they can add new listings to Amazon that will have no competitors. Niche products also often have a specific market that makes these items easier to sell.

Market to Amazon Customers:

Amazon is huge so that gives Amazon sellers a great opportunity to market to the buyer and turn them into a daily customer. Well, the more simple way to do this is by making special offers such as a discount on the next purchase or surprise them with a gift inside their purchased item, so that they get delighted by your gesture.

Well, this was about how to sell on Amazon and what all should be taken care of while selling on Amazon. If in case you are still diffident to take a plunge yourself, there are few good Amazon service providers who can take care of all this while you can relax in your resting chair.

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