8 Expensive Mistakes Made by every Amazon Seller

There are some basic and common mistakes that even a well-versed seller would commit on Amazon.com. These mistakes might seem small but will eventually have a huge impact on you and your store.
You should always be cautious and skeptic and try not to commit these blunders:

Failure to Correctly Calculate Shipping Costs :

You being sellers have to put up the shipping options according to the Amazon’s criteria for different categories of products. These costs are always higher than what Amazon estimates. If the amount which is estimated ends up being higher than the cost, then it has to be borne by the sellers themselves.
Here is a good idea in order to avoid situations like these, always add as much as between 50 to 100 percent of the quoted Amazon shipping cost to a Your’s own shipping cost to get an accurate estimate of expenses.

Failure to Market Items:

Well, nowadays it is not about “what you sell”, it is about “How you sell” . Quality of products, of course, is a vital element when you want to survive in the market for a long time. Marketing items have become a new mantra for every corporate house. Superb marketing almost always beats great products; this trend exists in the technology sector, the clothing market, academics and even in politics.
If we talk about Amazon sellers, it is a requisite to market items strongly by adding good quality images and strong descriptions. The first thing that we see when it comes to buying a product are its reviews so, be candid about any defects to avoid false expectations that could lead to returned items and poor reviews.

Failure to Correctly Price Items:

Price plays a crucial role for every business so it is necessary to do a marketplace analysis and see how much these similar products are being sold for. This will definitely help you, to correctly price an item so that it sells real quick. Trust me this helps.
You can change it to a win-win situation by checking out the charges levied out by amazon where the buyer will appreciate the offer and you being a seller can fill up your pockets even though by lowering down the prices.

Failure to Sell a Unique Item:

Well, unique is good. Would it have been possible for nestle to launch maggie? If you have an item to sell that is not listed, this doesn’t mean that there is no demand for it. Maggie created its own demand, in fact, it could be the opposite and you may be able to sell it to a niche user at a premium price.

Failure to be Available to Ship:

Well, the fact is Faster shipping leads to a better ranking, so Items need to be shipped out quickly once an order is placed. In case if any seller is unavailable to ship for a few days, then it is a good idea to take down that particular listing temporarily.

Failure to Plan for Returns:

Handling “Returns” has often been arduous from a seller's shoe. It becomes arduously difficult, in cases, like software, where there is no such thing as to offer returns.  But confronting a customer about this can often lead to bad reviews and a fall in seller status. So It's always good to plan for such an eventuality or sell these types of items without a return policy.

Failure to Contest a Bad Review or Claim:

Well, “amazing amazon has its own way to work with the flow and against the flow.”If there is a bad review from a customer (that is not justified), you can always ask Amazon to remove it. You can also (always) contest Amazon service providers pointing you out for shipping close to the deadline. Customers can also be reminded to leave a positive review.

Failure to Keep Track of Sales and Queries:

Its another challenge faced by the sellers. Every seller wants to ace in the class of selling on amazon and for that, it is vital to stay on top of sales and queries and try to respond to both really fast. If an item is not shipped in time you may get a lower seller rating and if a potential customer is not satisfied they may move on or leave a bad review.

BOTTOMLINE: Somebody has said it wisely that one should not always learn by testing failures, of course, you will learn that way, but the smartest thing is to plan your strategies from the failures of others, this blog has focussed on failure of others now it's your chance to learn from it.

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