Proven Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment From Ecommerce Store

Cart abandonment is the term that gives pains to the sellers. You can call it as marketing emergency where all the marketing efforts flow into the drain yielding zero results to the store or your business. The increasing competition between ecommerce channels is giving more options to the buyers that make them leave one store if they find anything better on other (in terms of price, variety, design etc.). This increases the cart abandonment rate of the ecommerce stores. Around 68% people, click on the buy button but don’t reach the payment completion process.
No matter how much efforts you have taken in the marketing, if a customer leaves your store there are fewer chances that he will come back to you by himself. This is cart abandonment resulting no return no sales to your store. 
If you too are suffering from cart abandonment ache then no worries, we here are putting light on the reasons and the remedies that you can implement to your store to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 
Main Reasons for Cart Abandonment: 

Price:  The main and first reason behind customer leaving the purchase amid is the price you are offering the products. Only a few of the customers proceed further and complete the buying process even on seeing the higher price, rest all finds it convenient to leave and search another store’s prices.
Additional Shipping Charges: Most of the time customers get ready to buy the product but suddenly they see the additional shipping charges that repel them. Along with product’s price, the shipping price when gets added, the product becomes expensive and costly and therefore most of the buyers leave the purchase. More often Amazon sellers offer free shipping for orders above $25 thus making lower items costly. 
For example, For any item of $3.19, the shipping charge is $7.99 making the item more expensive. 

Taxes and other charges: Somehow customer can manage the shipping charge but if there are additional charges that you incur to the customers as tax or other fairs then definitely customers would leave you at the very next moment. 
No convenient payment option: In today’s digital and cashless world, the online shoppers have various options to pay while some still prefer cash on delivery. But when they don’t find the convenient payment option, most probably they would leave. 
No security feeling while payment: Since the customers are trusting you and are ready to pay before they are getting their orders so it’s your turn to feel them safe as they are sharing their confidential cards and financial information. But when they don’t feel secure payment option, they opt to leave.
Lengthy Process for order completion: Customer has made the decision to make a confirmed buying decision. But they find it cumbersome to fill the details again and again and clicking next, next… frequently. After reaching 2 or 3 steps even the process doesn’t get completed, they get irritated and leave you.
A Customer is in no mood to buy: Last but not the least, Customers are king! They can do what they want. Many times customers only explore the online stores and products without any mood to buy. But when they find something interesting they add to their cart but do no further proceedings to buy. This adds cart abandonment to your store.
How can you reduce the cart abandonment rate of your store?
In a brick mortar store, if a customer does not get satisfied with the seller’s service or items, they demand other things or shopkeepers ask their customers about their choice and serve them accordingly and can convince them with words of mouth. 
But in online stores, you have no control over customer’s action and virtually it’s tough to make them stay at your store as within one back click they will be out of their purchasing process. The only thing you can do is make efforts to convince the customers and attract them with the facilities benefits, the quality you offer with your products.  
Here are few proven tips that can save you from cart abandonment. Let’s look at:

  1. Do not charge Shipping Fee: The shipping charge is a strong repelling tool that drives your customers apart from you. So, the marketing experts suggest that instead of incurring shipping charge, you should include the charges in the product price itself. Read our blog while making shipping strategy.
  2. Use shipping rate calculator: We understand that adding shipping charges to customers side is necessary else you would have to pay it makes no profit. But directly showing the flat rates can be awkward. Use shipping calculator to calculate the shipping charges depending on the location and weight. This will show the estimated shipping charges which can work by relieving option for the customers. 
  3. Include all payment options: You have customers from every corner o and therefore you should avail the facilities accordingly. Allow your customers to pay with their Debit card, credit card, COD (Cash on Delivery), Paypal, Amazon wallet, online banking and the other ways allowing easy payment option to customers. 
  4. Add Easy checkout: To complete order, you just need the card details and customer’s confirmation to complete payment. So, don’t add unnecessarily spaces to fill other information. Keep the process short and sweet. Customers love online shopping with easy processes. 
  5. Add secure payment features: Since customers are sharing their confidential information, you must provide them with the security badges while they pay for you.
  6. Make cart Visible: Most of the time, customer forget that they have added the items to the cart. So, make your store such that every moment when they explore online, they see the cart and their items added to cart. Who knows, this added item can be converted into bought items.
  7. Use Personalized emails: When customers add an item to the cart, you can send them personalized emails making them remember that they have left. The emails should be compelling and make them feel that they have forgotten something very special and of their choice. This can work to convince them to complete the payment and order.
  8. Send Push Notifications: Send push notifications along with emails. Most of the users use smartphones for shopping and shop through mobile apps . Therefore sending push notification to their phones will convince them.
  9. Allow guest check in: Don’t comply the buyers to create an account and then shop through your store. Allow guest check in to buy the products but at last you can ask politely to create an account but still no force at all. 
  10. Avail coupon codes: To attract customers and stick to your products, you can offer coupon codes to their purchase. Coupon codes can trigger the customers to make the complete buying process.
  11. Offer Discount: Every customer loves shopping and when they get anything at the cheaper prices they feel at the top of the sky. When you offer the discounts on their purchase they are not going to leave you in anyway. 

Final words:

Attracting customers and making them stay at your store is quite tough but not impossible. Amazon keeps on calculating the record of your sales and give you the ranking according to it.  With the easy tips, you can convert the orders that could not get completed into confirmed buying orders. This increases the conversion rate and helps in having more sales on your Amazon store. With some extra efforts, the cart abandonment can be mitigated. Keep on taking follow-ups of their incomplete order through emails and push notifications. Make them feel that they are missing the valuable products and services that others can’t offer. The discounts, coupon codes and offers can work for you. More sales on Amazon mean higher ranking on Amazon’s SERPs. 

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