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In this digital world, the shopping habits of people have changed. Around 80% of people switched their shopping approach of bricks and mortar to online window shopping. This trend of online shopping has opened the doors of opportunities to the startups. The online dealers, therefore, are being active in serving the shoppers globally and here Amazon plays an important role in connecting the retailers and buyers of every corner in the world. 
Here one question arises is what should the sellers sell who want to earn money through online selling or what are the best selling categories on Amazon. We, therefore, listing out the best selling items and categories on Amazon that the buyers prefer to buy.
Also, these mentioned categories are popular on Amazon and profitable to get your online retailing flourished.
1. Fashion Accessories & Apparel
Fashion will never go out of fashion and therefore selling in this category will be a profitable deal. The trending fashion accessories and apparels that can match the choice of buyers for different occasions, ceremonies or daily wears are the most demanding and buyable items on Amazon. This category is vast in itself as you can sell the fashion accessories for men, women, kids, boys, and girls and even sell gender-neutral accessories. May it be jewelry, wallet, purse, necklace, bracelets, watches, belts etc.
2. Customizable Products
Nowadays the fashion has taken a step ahead. People love to wear the customizable accessories and even the clothes. People love to buy the customizable apparel, jewelry, home decor items, and personalized products for them. Selling these customizable products can make your favorite and popular among the buyers. Here, selling the handmade customizable products will be an icing on the cake. 
 3. Beauty and Health Category
To have a wider audience, selling the beauty and healthcare products would be a good idea. People are now getting more fascinated towards the cosmetics and skincare and therefore spend their most of the time in searching the right products for their skin health and beauty. To your Amazon store, you can add organic and natural beauty products for men and women as well. Here for all, a million dollar suggestion is don’t cheat the customers as your products will directly affect to their looks and health. In any case of discrepancy, the customers can lodge a complaint against you and if you find faulty, Amazon will be supporting them and you might be suspended or in the worst case banned from selling on Amazon. So, be careful.
4. Electronics Appliances & Computer accessories
There are still those customers who prefer bricks and mortar stores for buying the heavy electronic appliances, computer hardware, and accessories but there are another fraction of people who believe in online shopping. Around 43% of mob demand electronic gadgets and home appliances and search on Amazon. In this category, the most searchable products are televisions, cameras, headphones, mobiles, and the associated accessories. Including PCs, laptops, tablets, and iPods in your Amazon store will be profitable for your online business.
5. Home and kitchen products
Organizing your Amazon store with Home and kitchen items will be beneficial this year. From buying staplers to detergents; from nuts, dry fruits to beverages; from bedsheets to sofa covers everything can be bought online. Therefore, providing every household stuff to the buyers will add convenience to their living and add-on, the online delivery has sorted out every problem of picking the products from offline stores miles away from their home.
Selling on Amazon is profitable for the retailers as Amazon offers a wide range of categories to sell in. Figuring out the right products and demand of the customers will help you to choose the products to sell on Amazon. Along with this, you can sell niche products on Amazon. With all, you have to take care of the services like quick order fulfillment, shipping, multiple payment options, cash on delivery, secure payment mode, easy returns, and refunds etc. Get register yourself on Amazon and start selling and earn a profit on Amazon.

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