Year 2018 Time to make your Amazon Store Unique with Niche products

The new year is on its way to a new beginning. People are enthusiastically ready to welcome this year with new resolutions and targets. Bookaholics might have set a target to read maximum books letting back their previous reads while the students might have sworn for the better studies to score good marks. The online shopping lovers might have decided to break their last year’s shopping record but online retailers surely would have taken a resolution of doubling or four folding their ROI by this year. Similarly, who knows that Amazon might have come with new policies and guidelines for its sellers (kudos!) this year as it won’t be a surprise because Amazon is well known for its habit of changing its policies frequently. Thus Amazon sellers need to tie a belt at their back and step ahead in the online market of Amazon. For this, Amazon sellers need to go beyond what lies in the market. 

If you too are an online retailer and that too on Amazon and thinking to achieve more ROI and profit then you must set new resolutions and unique approach this year. You should revise your product’s lists, work on marketing strategies and add some unique and niche products to your Amazon store. Do research for what is trending in the market. The products that have more clicks on the buy button are the ones people like most. The buyers from each marketplace vary in their choices and if you are an omnichannel seller then you require a different lens to search for the products to sell online. 

So here are the tips for how to search for unique and niche products to sell on Amazon:

Style with branded products: Whether an expensive and lavish car or branded Johnson jeans; Tanishq jewellery or Cadbury and Nestle products; all are always demanded by the people. Selling the branded products on your Amazon store would definitely add a new graph to your sales this year.
Pick the problem-solving products to sell: when you have decided to think beyond what is available in the market, you can focus on the needs of the people and then furnish your Amazon store with the needful items that can solve people’s problems in a more convenient way than the existing products. The customers would definitely spend their money if they find something worth.

Handmade Products: The list of niche products can include handmade products that are not easily available. The art and skill with an innovative design attract the attention of the customers and when they find a unique and creative product they would add it to their shopping cart and click for the confirmed buying decision.
Vintage Products: People are fond of collecting vintage accessories and products. The vintage car, antique flower pot or utensils, customers love to put all these into their collection box at home. Find a list of vintage products in the market and then pick out the most wanted item. Add to your listings.

Passion fulfilling Items: As you have a passion for your online Amazon store you put all your efforts to improve your store all the time. You keep on searching for the better hacks and strategies for your store. Similarly, people too have different passion in life and they too keep searching the products to fulfil their passion and add pleasures to their life. So why not you help them in meeting with their passion? Add pleasure items to your online stores like guitar, piano or any instrument or accessory that people love and find hard to buy. People find joy even in ice cream or their favourite chocolate. Do find these items and start selling. 

Add exclusive products: The herbal soup or pickle by mother’s hand that reminds the taste of mother’s food; naturally extracted herbal oil for cooking or even for hair care. The homemade mix fruit jam or creatively knitted woollen sweater; the handmade photo frames (craft and paper) or even self-designed (painted or thread knitted) bedsheets- all would definitely attract the buyers to your store. Once you build trust for quality, you never gonna lose the customers. The items that you exclusively own should be in your niche list of products this year. 

How Amazon helps the sellers to sell niche products??

  • Amazon always encourages its sellers with the new idea. While listing it gives an option for the available products in its catalogue but when you have your own product, it gives an option of unique listing. For more details on listing read: A Comprehensive Guide on listing your products on You just need to understand and follow Amazon’s guidelines. It provides its helping hand of Amazon Service Providers Network (SPN) & Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) when a seller finds himself in any difficulty while managing its seller central account or dealing with customers.  
  • With its dropshipping features, it has made an easy way for the sellers to sell out any specific product from any location as the sellers know that through dropshipping the manufacturer itself will handle all the shipping and delivery services. They only need to take the orders for their store. This makes a good deal when the seller assures its customers for the handmade qualitative products like hand-knitted sweaters or handmade pickles or jams. Through dropshipping, each product will be delivered at the right destination from the vendors. This adds profit and trust to the seller’s stores. Thanks to Amazon for including the Dropshipping feature in its platform.

Last words

Picking up the right products for the online business is like the half battle is done and coming up with a new idea in this new year can prove you to be a proof online selling on Amazon of the year 2018. Adding the right products can take your Amazon store on the right track. So here is the moment to think about what uniqueness you are adding to your Amazon store so that your customers could find something new for them. Going with the trend but with different approach may take your sales graph to new heights and you can easily achieve your targets with the set resolutions.

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