How should you convert Lead into Sales

Running an online store demands the lead generation which decides the future of your e-commerce business. No matter, on which platform you are selling or what type of products you are putting in front of the customers, you need to reckon on the target customers or more specifically lead generation. The right lead leads to the success easier than not knowing the right customers of your business. You might have heard the line- Today’s lead will be your customers for tomorrow. 

What is a Lead in Business? 

When any viewer or user finds interest in your services or products and shows a willingness to take steps ahead in making the further process of buying. 

How would you know that a user is showing interest?

  1. He might sign up for email campaigning at your website.
  2. Click on the offer for your products to know more.
  3. Might take a free demo or trial of your products or services (if you would allow).
  4. Might have any query and ask you to answer it.

So, once you find any customer showing interest in your products, then, you must be proactive in serving him and answering his query and put all your efforts to turn him into your potential buyer. 

What do you need to know the leads are arriving at your e-commerce store or a website?

  1. You should have your lead generation team who can instantly know about the activity of the user at your store or e-commerce website. 
  2. This team should immediately contact the users (lead) to answer their query or giving more information about your products. 
  3. Either call them, contact through email, live chatbot or text messages. 

So, it’s time to make your lead generation strategy more effective. The list starts right here-

1. Make an email list

Email marketing is found to be more effective nowadays. In e-commerce, email plays an important and specific role in communicating with the customers and leads. Therefore, to reach more users, you should make a list depending upon their search and interests and then forward them a message specifying how you, your services and products can help in fulfilling their needs. Make a schedule to send an email either 1 or 2 per week.

2. Captivating email body

When a user has decided to sign up with you, then, the ball comes to your side. Now you have to play safe. While emailing the signed up users, you should make your email effective and useful for the readers. Else they may unsubscribe themselves. The email body, therefore, should be framed wisely, effective and useful for the users. In your email sign up a campaign, you can send them an ebook, white papers, blogs, articles, and useful information so that they cannot feel it wasting their time. This comes in creating lead magnet strategy.

3. Time-Sensitive Discounts and Offer

To convert the lead into the positive purchase, you can offer the time-specific offers and discounts on the products they are looking for. Make them feel special and show them the benefits (either cash back, gift-voucher or discount on next purchase, combos etc.) if they buy from you. This works more frequently as everyone loves to save on their purchase. This gives a king-kong feeling to the buyers. We can’t understand their happiness though!

4. Focus on leaving customers

The common mistake more often was done by the e-commerce business they only focus on the existing or high attention paying users to convert them into potential buyers. But, friend, this is not sufficient to have more leads and corresponding sales rather you must also pay attention to those users who might leave yours in the next moment. This is the toughest part for the lead generation team. When you feel that the user is no more interested in buying your products or might have changed their mind, you should show the convincing words to them to again change their mind towards a positive buying decision. 

5. Show your Shipping Strategy

If users have put the product in their cart and is not moving further, there can be pricing issue. Then, let the users know about your pricing strategy and its cost-effectiveness for them. Be wise in making the pricing and repricing strategy for your newbie, existing and long time customers. Make everyone feel special.  

6. Work to decrease cart abandonment Rate

If you are selling on Amazon or any other marketplace, you would have known very well that most of the time users put the products in their cart but make no purchase. This increases the cart abandonment rate. Therefore you should work on those buyers to convince them by showing the benefits of products, their purchase, may give them an offer or discount on it. Your efforts for convincing them will prove effective and give them good vibes and more are the chances they will click on the buy button. Read: Proven Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment From Ecommerce Store.

7. Give Free Trial

The next step comes to lead generation is call to action. When you find a list of your interested users, the effective step is to call them towards making a buying decision. Here, using the right and catchy words can make the difference. For instance, rather writing buy it, you can write “Get the benefits”. Instead, Sign Up write Get access now or Free ebook or Get your trial. After this, allow them to access your services for free for the given period so that they can be satisfied with you and can make a confirmed buying decision from your store.


Lead generation is helpful and makes the way to reach the right and potential users to turn them into buyers at your store. So if you too are selling either on Amazon or eBay or even selling through a personal e-commerce website, you must have a strong lead generation team and then order processing team. Once your lead generation will convert the lead into sales, the next role comes out of the sales and order team who would look out the order fulfillment and further process of the sales. 

We at evantage help our clients and online sellers to manage their online stores like Amazon store, manage their orders, help in managing inventory at different platforms and help them in making a good seller-buyer relationship. This build trust bridge between the customers and sellers and the buyers don’t leave our sellers immediately rather they become their loyal customers.

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