Your ads are not getting clicks What to do

You have set up your Amazon store with all working strategies, goals, target audience and budget set. Still, something is lacking that is hindering your target audiences to transform their visit into higher conversion sales. This takes you deep down diving into the pool of questions like:

  • Why are PPC ads not working?
  • Why is my store not getting any click?
  • Why there is no response coming from customers?
  • Why my sponsored products are not leaving any impressions on the visitors?
  • Why are people clicking the products but not on click to buy button?
  • Do PPC campaigns not hold any worth for my store?

With all these questions in your mind, you are blaming yourself that where have you mistaken. You might have thought that PC ads(campaigns) are only charging you to pay for clicks but not converting clicks into sales(Read: Thinking to go with PPC ads(campaigns)). Stop cursing yourself and go ahead on working to know the actual reasons behind this.
Following may be the reasons for not getting the clicks on your store:

1. Not clearly targeting the benefits that consumers will actually get: The ads that you are running for promoting your products may lack in revealing the actual benefits customer looks in your product. This decreases the conversion rates.

2. Dull Images: The products that you are selling may not appear with appealing images that can attract buyers. When the shoppers would feel the product they are not going to click the buy button.  

3. No uniqueness: It may be the biggest reason that your ads have no uniqueness and thus it repels more of the customers from your ads and if anyhow, they visit at your ads, they will surely rush out without delay. 

4. The ads and product in real do not match: When a customer clicks on your ads and moves to your site to know more about your product but he/she does not get the right product as it is looking in the ads. This leads to distrust for your product and store and thus may mitigate the conversion rates.

How to improve??

The only way to improve the drive rates through PPC ads, campaigns or direct selling without sponsoring is to rework on every aspect of ads. 

1. Have a detailed analysis: Is your ad is promoting the same as you are delivering? If customers click on your ads that drive them to your store, the product should be the same as in ads. If the details of your products do not match the real product, the chances of clicks to buy conversion are more likely to be less. 

2. Avoid creamy words in your ads: People believe in simple words that are easy to understand your products to pick the right one for their needs. Thus you should go with simple words rather than the creamy and tough words.

3. Clear image: Clear imaging is a tool that helps in driving your sales. The look is what matters. When a customer sees the clear image of the product they are looking for, they can easily compare your products with their needs. When they find the best in your products their ads click can be converted into confirmed buying decisions. You can avail of the imaging solutions through the Amazon service providers.

4. Improve keywords & bid price: Use the right and popular keywords to make products easily discoverable. The keywords should be chosen with the right bidding price so that per-click charge you need to pay less.

Rework...Rework...Rework: To convert ads click into sales conversion, you need to rework hard.

You have selected PPC ads with the thought that when people would see your products easily through ads, they will turn to your website and finally they would make purchase decisions. But...surprised...this is not happening. Then you need to rethink your strategy of promoting. As your target is to drive more traffic to your website and to convert this traffic into sales.
Let’s talk about PPC ads on Amazon when your conversion rate is low: If you are working with the above-mentioned improvement points, and still you are neither getting higher sales nor the Sponsored/CPC Ads of your products on Amazon are driving conversions sufficiently, then you need to understand the Amazon business report of your products.
Follow Business Report on Amazon: 

Amazon tracks all the records of the clicks, sales, conversion rates and views of each product in your Amazon store. Through your Amazon seller central account management, you can view the daily reports for your store. The business reports will give you the graph of yours:

1. Session report: This shows the figures of the devices on which customers have gone through your product.  by which your product is seen by customers 

2. View page report: The view page report shows that by how many times a customer has clicked on your product on the same device.

3. Clicks count: The total clicks count that your product has received.

4. Sales: Finally the sales report gives you the reality of your product, customer’s clicks, and their buying decisions.

If you still find any issue to handle your business and business report on Amazon, either you can purchase some third party software like Cashcow, Hello Profit, Managebystats, salubrity etc. or hire sponsored ads service providers and experts to track your daily report and work according to them.

Don’t panic if you are not getting clicks or sales immediately. Give some time to the audience to view your products but this doesn’t mean that you simply sit for a long time for the customers to come to your store automatically. You need to work with the right strategy to attract the right audience for your products. Above all, the quality, customer’s needs, and your services should match. If all these matches then the ratio of clicks to the conversion will surely be higher.

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