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When shoppers go shopping, they want to touch, feel and understand every aspect of the product physically. Yes! The look is what that matters actually affects more. But while shopping online, this physical experience is taken away by browsing to know more about product details. Here the content and product description come into play and action. The content is the only thing that gives a better understanding of the products to the visitors. When the users read the associated content of the products they are looking for, it gives them the understanding to compare the products with their needs and when they completely understand the goal of products they can make their decisions to click on the buy button.

For every product in the Amazon store, you need to list your products. While listing, you add the information of products along with the description. For listing assistance, go to A comprehensive guide on listing your products on Amazon.com. But sometimes this description is not enough to catch the traffic. Thus with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Amazon gives a perk to its sellers. The EBC allows adding more features to the products. We will surely dive into the pros and benefits of EBC, but before that let’s understand what the EBC is and which sellers are eligible for using the EBC feature on Amazon.

The brand registry is a must requirement to avail of the feature of enhanced brand content. The owners or sellers with the registered brand can only go to EBC. The Amazon allows only those ASINs that are registered as branded products under the approved catalog of the vendor. The ASINs that are not listed in the branded catalog will not be approved for EBC even if the manufacturer is registered its brand.  The categories that are not eligible for Enhanced brand Content are the same that are not allowed for brand registry i.e. media, video, books (For more details read our blog on Sellers enroll for brand registry:-Why-&-How).

Submission Approval:  Once you are eligible for EBC, you can upload the enhanced and elaborated description of your product, the Amazon revises your content and if approved, within 7 days it can be published on your product page, else Amazon rejects with the specified reasons. 

Enhanced Brand Content: The Enhanced Brand Content feature of Amazon leverages you to add fascinating content with the descriptive pictures. It allows using templates to add more descriptions and visual features. You can upload and update your product with the Amazon-specific templates. Amazon has given five specific layouts of templates to upload the photos and content in the specified size. These layouts are the combination of images and text sections with varying positions, you need to pick the one layout that fulfils your business targets.

A+ content Vs Enhanced Brand Content- 
You might have thought that A+ content and Enhanced Brand Content are the same. But...No...no..!! They are totally different. A+ content on Amazon can be availed by the vendor sellers while EBC can be availed by any seller with their brand registered on Amazon. A+ content is premium content that is chargeable while EBC is charge free. A+ content is HTML controlled content that can be squashed into single para while EBC describes your product to make it more user-friendly with template access.
How to avail the EBC feature from Amazon?

It is quite easy to use the EBC feature for your products whose ASINs are registered in your brand registered catalog. Following are the steps that will help you to go with EBC:
1. Sign in your Amazon seller central account, you will see various tabs on the top of the page. Click on the Advertising menu. Then click on Enhanced Brand Content. You need an SKU for the product you want to add to enhanced brand content.
2. When you enter the SKU, a list of available 5 templates will be displayed to you. In the next process, you need to select one and right template that matches your content and images. While selecting this template, keep your business branding targets in mind.
3. Now, add the content and images regarding the section of the layout. 
4. Submission for review is the next process you need to execute. Amazon reviews the content and images to check whether they are up to the mark of Amazon or not. Within 7 days Amazon gives its remark on your content. If all set, it would get published within the 7 processing days. While in any case of discrepancy, Amazon rejects the content. Hash!!, you then need to edit the content and send it to reapproval.
5. Lastly, see the results of EBC on your Amazon. Analyze the changes in conversion rates, sales rates, bouncing rates pre and post EBC addition.

Don’t with EBC Feature on Amazon:

Amazon has outlined its don’ts list that is not allowed in to add  with content while using EBC feature :
1. Neither you can mention the seller, company or distributor nor the competitor’s product in your content.
2. No pricing promotion. No promotional lines that smell of bribing the customers.
3. No shipping details.
4. You cannot use trademark or copyright logos in the images or text.
5. Never mention the customer’s reviews.
6. Not allowed to add any guaranty or warranty for your product.
7. Don’t add any redirecting URLs.

Pros of Enhanced Brand Content-

EBC gives more exposure to your products. Here are some key advantages of EBC:

1. Allows to add more information: Obviously, EBC gives you the chance to describe more about your product. You can use bullet points, Bold, Italics fonts to highlight the features of your product. More images from all angles can be added to give a clear vision to visitors that are your targeting buyers.
2. A more appealing description attracts more customers: When customers search for any product, they want more and more details before investing their money. This elaborated and enhanced content with more images helps the customers to have a detailed description. With the proper layout and description, EBC helps in satisfying more customers and their needs which in turn, drives more confirmed buying decisions.
3. Enhance your Sales rate: When customers would find each detail of the product they are looking for, they won’t bounce back from your store before making a buying decision. Thus the sales rate would surely be increased. 
4. EBC with Brand registry gives more exposure: As the only brand registered product’s ASINs are allowed to have EBC, the shoppers get an additional perk. With the brand tag and the detailed description with more images helps in assuring them for the quality you are abiding to deliver. 
5. Free of cost: the best thing is Amazon has been offering EBC features to its sellers without any fees till now. You can add the enhanced and extra content to your product on Amazon without paying any extra charges to Amazon. This feature gives you the opportunity to grab more customers. But many Amazon analysts anticipate that Amazon may incur charges to sellers for availing this feature. Therefore, it would be a smart decision to go with EBC sooner rather later.
Moving one step forward from regular listing to the enhanced listing can surely be the best foot ahead in the journey of sales on Amazon store. With the enhanced content and more imaging options, there are chances that Amazon may add the video feature also to this service to give better shopping experience to its customers. If you have not availed of this feature yet, it is highly recommended that you should understand the importance of e-commerce branded content and go for this service of Amazon. Before this, make sure you have a registered brand with the registered trademark of your brand. If not, be quick and apply for trademark registration first and then for the brand registry process. To know more about the brand registry process read our blog on Sellers enroll for brand registry:-Why-&-How. If you yet face any problem while selling or branding or brand registry on Amazon with the sales-boosting services, either go to Amazon support or to Amazon service provider.

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