How to build a Good Seller Buyer Relationship on Amazon

Today’s customers never hesitate in expressing their views and feedback for the products they buy. As soon as the customers buy any product and receive the services from any seller, they more often write about their experiences after using the products and quality of the services from the seller. If the customers become happy and satisfied with your services they leave flowers of praise for you on your product page through their positive reviews and feedbacks else their anger and dissatisfaction might be reflected in negative reviews and feedback on your product page. This may negatively affect your online business. If you are receiving many negative reviews, quickly read our helpful blog on How to deal with negative reviews??

For your Amazon store’s progress, feedback, response, and reviews from the customers are more important and the sellers should keep them on the top and in case of any query or issue, the sellers should quickly respond to the buyers. The last time you take to respond and resolve the queries of customers, more will be the satisfied customers on your store.

For Amazon, Communication is the Key:

Amazon understands the importance of communication between the buyers and sellers and hence it has set given the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service and guidelines for customer’s interaction with time metrics. Although Amazon maintains the privacy between the sellers and buyers and does not allow any seller to communicate directly through their personal contacts and thus has come with a midway that allows sellers to interact with buyers through the access of Amazon.

Let’s understand the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service:

For accessing the Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service you need to opt for it. If you don’t have any idea about this service yet, don’t worry here are the steps to get activated with this service of Amazon:
1) Sign in to your Seller Central Account.
2) At the right top corner, click on settings, a drop-down menu will open, click on Fulfillment by Amazon.
3) Click the Edit button under Product Support.
4) Click on Enable on the marketplace (as,, you are selling your products to enable this messaging service.
5) Lastly, click Update to save the changes you made to your Amazon Seller Central account.
6) With this service, you would be able to handle customers' questions.

With this service, Amazon monitors and tracks the customer contact response metrics for your account. It tracks for the time how much you take to respond to your customers when they message you to show any query or ask for a return, cancel or refund for any service. Amazon has set the time limit of 24 hours for its sellers to get back to their customers to initiate resolution and response to their issues and queries.

Nitty-Gritty of Amazon’s Service:
1) Once you activate the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service of Amazon, it tracks all the purchases of your store.
2) All the messages from customers and buyers travel through Amazon to reach their respective destinations. Amazon interferes between sellers and buyers to maintain the confidentiality of both parties. Since Amazon accesses all the messages, therefore it utilizes to resolve the disputes and claims as soon as possible, because you have chosen Fulfillment by Amazon.
3) When you respond to your customer’s messages, Amazon accesses, in fact, checks them in the midway and then forwards your response to the customers. If it finds any irrelevant response it can(will) discard your message.
4) If you are taking a leap off for some time or unable to respond to the messages of your customers, it is suggested that you should deactivate this service from your account for the period in which you would be unavailable else Amazon would track you as being unresponsive to your customers and might take further actions against you. Nonetheless, during the disabled period, the past product tracking and customer messages would not be affected. This disabling would not track the future products and customer’s messages for your store.

How Amazon treats when a Buyer contacts a Seller???
The buyer may reach sellers regarding any returns if they find any defect or irrelevancy in the order and product received or cancellation of an order or to know more about the products. They may ask the question and can reach the seller through email at customer support.
Their message will arrive at the Buyer Messages under Performance drop-down menu and to the email address that is associated with the corresponding seller central account on Amazon. Amazon encrypts the email address of the sellers as The sellers when hit the reply button to respond back to customers through their email, the sent message reaches to customers through Amazon in the mid that filters out the seller email address. Amazon keeps a copy of the email at its tracking system for further query resolution and makes it available in Message Center in Seller Central Account.

How Amazon treats when a Seller Contacts a Buyer???
As per Amazon, Sellers can directly reach their customers but with no promotional targets.
Amazon restricts the sellers to include the following things in their contact messages to the customers:
1) Marketing links for any product
2) Promoting messages
3) Any promotional links directing to any website

How can a seller contact its buyers?
When a seller wishes to interact with their buyers, they need the buyer’s information, order Id or ASIN. From the orders menu, sellers track the information of buyers and respond to the corresponding query.
1) From the seller central account, click on Orders.
2) From this drop-down menu, click Manage orders
3) A screen will appear in front of you to write your message.
4) Post completion, click Submit.
You can insert attachments too, if needed. Amazon supports attachments that are under 7MB size and in the format of:
1) Word documents (.doc and .docx)
2) Text files (.txt)
3) Image files (.jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, and .png)
4) PDFs
The attachments too should be deprived of the promotional messages, links and logos else Amazon would not take a pinch of time to remove them to maintain its policy. You never know, you may be charged for violating Amazon’s policy and guidelines. Be cautious!!

Some messages don’t need any response:

You may be amazed at how any message would not need any response. But it is true. When the conversation is at its end and a buyer sends you the last message for your satisfactory services and you may feel that conversation has been ended and you need not send any further messages. But Amazon is Amazon… It tracks all responses and conversations and monitors the time metrics. If you don’t follow your customers within 24 hours, Amazon would send you a warning message. So what to do??? For this type of conversations and messages, that don’t need any further response, they should be marked as no response needed in the Message Center within the set time limit. This is the only way to not have the warning messages from Amazon.

Being an Amazon seller, you need no explanation to understand how Amazon treats its customers and how important they are for you and your business. Don’t allow distance to be a barrier to communication with your buyers and customers. Good interaction with customers always opens the door for better services and understanding the customer’s vision for their purchases and feedbacks. Thus all the sellers should maintain a proper interaction with all their customers. If you are having higher sales and have no time in handling the customer’s messages and responding to them as per the customer contact time metrics, you should immediately take the assistance of Amazon service provider to hook your customers and leverage them satisfactorily services else you might lose the customers.

The response and feedback from customers are always worth for sellers. All the issues should be resolved timely by properly interacting with customers. In the end, always show gratitude towards customers for their valuable shopping. You can express a vote of thanks on the packaging slip. This would surely build a warm relationship between you and your customers. This would enhance the buyer’s trust that in turn would result in more sales rates for your business.

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