Service Provider Network of Amazon-Support for Amazon Sellers

Amazon, the giant online marketplace keeps on slogging to add ease and convenience to Amazon sellers especially helpful to amateur ones.  Amazon gives Seller central platform, Amazon seller guidance, tools, and several services like FBA, Seller App, Easy Ship, cataloguing and advertising that helps in boosting sales and conversion rates. IT also provides several training webinars and videos for helping sellers learn different processes and policies of Amazon. Although these tools and services are helpful yet Amazon comes up with the more advanced support of Amazon Service Providers Network (SPN) & Amazon TrainedEcommerce Specialist (ATES). 


In 2014, Amazon launched a network of qualified and expert panels that serve sellers to help them launch, setting and manage their Amazon stores. Amazon calls this network as Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN). For this network, Amazon trains the professionals about the services of Amazon for the sellers and certifies the professionals as experts of Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN). These professionals are known as Amazon TrainedEcommerce Specialist (ATES). As of today, SPN is enriched with about 300-400 ATES and around 3000 sellers have been reaping fruitful results in their business. The SPN works as third-party service providers that help in filling the void between sellers and the digital transformation. ATES enlists trained freelancers while SPN focuses on professionals and miniature to big companies with a specialization in serving imaging, cataloguing, and transportation.  

Amazon Seller University

Amazon also engraves official training and coaching programs through its seller university that aims for self-learning through online videos,  tutor driven webinars, institute learning (face-to-face as in a classroom) along with workshops and seller forums.

How SPN started??

  • SPN was started by 21 service providers across 35 cities.
  • The service providers are aimed at solutions for imaging, transportation, digital processes, and account handling.
  • Local transportation companies,  imaging studios, digital design studios, etc., have become the part of SPN who get trained as per Amazon systems and processes. 

The need for SPN, ATES and Seller University

You may be thinking that the many Amazon sellers are now dealing efficiently then

  • Why has Amazon thought for training third party service providers to serve the sellers? 
  • Why did Amazon feel a need to certify professionals, though it has its Seller Central, Forums and Amazon app then?

The answer is- Amazon always works for creating ease for its sellers which in turn works better to satisfy the Amazon customers. On a regular basis, a myriad of sellers joins the Amazon platform to sell their products. But being an amateur in online selling and handling the stores divert their concentration from customers serving to manage their accounts. Thus they need guidance and support to handle and manage their Amazon store. Amazon with its limited customer support team may not handle the ongoing seller’s list so it has come up with the idea of utilizing the trained and certified professional as third party service providers which can handle the sellers who need Amazon’s assistance. These third-party service providers have a decor solution for Amazon store setup, listing products, Branding solutions, UPC/EAN handling, cataloguing, imaging, advertising & marketing for your store and each and every service that any seller need for boosting the sales and attract more users to convert them into clients.

Fruits of SPN: Through SPN a plethora of sellers getting benefits to pace with the e-commerce industry growing at a faster rate. Amazon allows its SPN to leverage its sellers with Amazon Fly (Imaging and listing related services) & Amazon Boost Services(Shipment services).

Amazon Fly: Through Amazon fly service, you can get your Amazon store launched on the Amazon platform. Amazon fly services cover how to list your products on Amazon, UPC/EAN and barcode issues, how to get brand registry, Imaging and cataloguing solutions with a better photo shoot and rich content descriptions to make your products more discoverable to the customers.  

Amazon Boost: Amazon boosts service works for additional features that help in boosting sales and conversion rates. Once you set with your Amazon store, the third-party service provider serves you with additional Seller Central operations and shipment services like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to manage your inventory and regular sales. The Amazon Boost service also focuses on building Buyer-Seller relationship to serve the customers to leverage them with satisfaction. 

The Amazon Service provider companies feel privileged to work with Amazon. As Amazon is a big brand and to connect with it is an opportunity for the company owners. These service providers with the requisite facilities and services handle the Amazon store in a better way which drives more sales and customers to the store. Hiring an efficient Amazon service provider team would be a smart decision when you have decided to dive into Amazon selling and even if you are an established seller then also working with Amazon service provider team is recommended as achieving target sales and ROI easily and conveniently will be a good deal for your business.

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