2018 Trend How Omnichannel Marketing Would Cover ecommerce

The new year has arrived with a new vision and people are excited about the new resolutions and goals to achieve by the end of this year. The analysts and experts have visioned a new eCommerce with new technologies and new trends that are going to give quirk to the giant online selling markets. Online selling is experiencing changes in terms of new technologies, unique categories, niche products, and multiplatform approach. The customers are now not limited to a single marketplace, in fact, they explore multiple marketplaces to satisfy their thirst for shopping and end it with the best pick among the available options on different marketplaces. This creates a cut-throat competition among the retailers that how to hook the customers to their online stores. 

Therefore, online retailers have prepared themselves for the new twists and turns that are going to cover the whole eCommerce market. In this context, the omnichannel platform has emerged as a new way for online retailers to earn more profit through all the available online markets like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc. Though the omnichannel approach is not new in the online markets after seeing the effective results of omnichannel marketing in the past few years, the e-commerce specialists foresee the future growth of the retailers with the essence of omnichannel selling

2018 Trend: omnichannel marketing

Customers have traveled a lot during their shopping journey and even now experiencing the new changes. The initial culture of shopping offline from brick and mortar stores has been taken over by online shopping and online eCommerce stores. Most of the customers have now switched to online shopping and have added more convenience and ease to their shopping experience. With the introduction of more marketplaces, the customers tend to find the products in almost all marketplaces and compare the price and specifications. Wherever the customers find the best items matching their needs, they click on the buy button. Thus for today’s sellers, it is recommended that they should opt multiple platforms for online selling. 

What eCommerce specialists think for 2018??

  • After analyzing the previous result of eCommerce, the eCommerce analysts forecast that nearly 66.66% of the eCommerce sector would be covered by omnichannel marketing in the upcoming years and the year 2018 has blown the whistle to start this era.
  • About 37% of single-channel sellers are going to take a step ahead in the direction of multiple platforms this year.
  • More of the sellers would have their online stores at least on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other leading marketplaces. 

There is more in this year…

  • Apart from omnichannel trend, this year is going to see the revolutionary changes in the content marketing and digital marketing. Since the best place to find the customers are the social media platforms and the best way to engage them is the engaging content that can reflect the best features of the products. Thus this year would witness the impact of content writing and digital marketing on the ecommerce section.
  • Further, the ecommerce specialists think that since the world is being digitized and most often customers are moving towards the online shopping and a plethora of marketplaces and products are available in the online stores then it is utmost essential for the sellers that they should make their products easily discoverable at every marketplace they have picked. Here comes the role of the SEO experts. The ecommerce specialists foresee the wide impact of SEO and SMM over the ecommerce sector.
  • By the year 2018, the SEO and SMM would be more important and cover a large part (about 45%) of the ecommerce field so that in an organic search the stores and products can stay at the top of the search engines. 
  • This year the SEO, SMM, content marketing service provider would see the rush of online retailers since every online retailer wants to be at the top of search engine.

Bottom Line:
The eCommerce would now not only limited to the simple selling but the e-commerce would be more focused on the omnichannel retailing, social media marketing, engaging content and new marketing strategies that would change the eCommerce in a new way. The sellers are stepping ahead in the direction of boosting their sales and putting all efforts and skills to achieve their goals of 2018.

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