Content is an Effective Tool in Online Business

With an active and responsive website, mobile apps, visibility on various social media and google maps, online businesses are making their way on the digital path. But to stand in the online world, for the long-term, you cannot count these as the show stoppers. In the online world, the technologies have been continuously changing and you are keeping yourself updated with the latest changes. But the point is-

  • How would you keep your customers updated?
  • How would your customers know you?
  • How would you make them aware of your services?
  • How would you assure them of the quality of the services and products you are offering?
  • How would you let them know about the offers?

There may be many more questions in this series. To all these questions, everyone will come up with different answers. Some may say that through the website; some will go with mobile apps or social media platforms. Here we have different but one answer to all questions is- Content, perhaps. Marketing gurus also believe that content is the king, it always had been, even in the era of print or traditional marketing. According to them, the content is the key point that impacts the visitors and customers most. 

What is the content?

Before going further, let us know what the content is-

In easy words, content is the information that we see on any webpage. For an online business, this information plays a crucial role in attracting the visitors and then to retain them on the product page and business website.  

Ideal Content

An ideal content can be considered as the information that accurately covers the products and services. It must be catchy and at the same time relevant to the customer’s search. Good content must include proper language, right keywords, meaningful stuff and an enticing tone that can attract the visitors and convert them into customers. The content filled with proper keywords, and as per the SEO guidelines is always recommended. 

  • While creating content, the platform must be kept into consideration. 
  • The audience at different platforms differs. For social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest, etc. the social caption can be in normal language but for posting on LinkedIn, you must keep the professional tone.
  • For an eCommerce store, the content should include the product details, specifications, and sufficient information which helps the customers to make their buying decision. For instance, Amazon allows its sellers to write Enhanced Brand Content which gives more elaboration about the product. This works effectively with the customers as they get to know more information. This enhances the chances to make their confirmed buying decisions. 
  • For writing content for offers and campaigns, clear information about the discounts, prices, cashback, gift cards, vouchers or additional services must be included. A clear and specific content attracts the visitors easily, provided the offer matches their search and needs.  

Purpose of Content

The content is the first thing through which customers hooked on your product page. As in online shopping, the customers have no option to see or touch the items physically or talk to the shopkeepers for knowing more about the product, therefore, the only thing that can help them to know more, is the information written about the product on its product page. The main purpose of creating content is to attract customers to the business. 

Secondly, content drives the conversion rates: It has been seen that content marketing helps in driving more conversion rates. The website or business that do not focus on content marketing has approximately 0.5% conversion rates only while the business with the right content and content marketing techniques have 6 times higher conversion rates.
Have a look…..


Before writing a content you should answer the following questions:

  • What is the type of business?
  • What are your business goals?
  • Why is content being written?
  • What information are you going to cover?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • On which platforms are you going to publish and post this content?

As content plays an important role, therefore, most of the businesses are focusing on content marketing. But there are also many businesses that do not believe in content and content marketing. This might affect the business and its performance.

Therefore here are the major reasons to opt the content marketing with the impactful content:

1. Content stands above all

On the website or at any online store, the customers view any product, they first look at the title, heading and then the information associated with it. The engaging content wins half battle for you as it helps in catching the attention of the buyers. When they read the content of the products they are searching for, it gives them the understanding to compare the products with their needs and let them understand the goal of products. Here if they find it engaging, interesting, relevant, meaningful, catchy and finally meeting their needs then only they will be glued to your page and make their buying decisions to click on the buy button, otherwise, they would leave you immediately. 

2. Content makes you discoverable and visible on the search engines

Creating good content with proper keywords helps you to be visible and discoverable on the top pages of the search engines. When you appear at the top pages at the top rankings then there are more chances to have more visitors and then customers. Google, Amazon and other search engines keep on optimizing their pages on the basis of the keywords and more frequent visits on the pages. Thus you must keep your content updated and stuff with the sufficient and right keywords. In a content marketing survey, it is found that about 57% of marketers find content creation as a powerful SEO technique. 

3. The content shows your activeness

As nowadays, online users are not limited to the website or online stores rather you can find them on every social platform. So you must also be present at all the places where your users are. When you regularly post, publish content on the social platforms, website, product pages, it builds trust among the customers. The social media marketing is ineffective without engaging content. Content marketing is one of the influential digital marketing tools. Trust of a customer automatically builds when they find your product on every platform they visit.

Bottom Words

Being in a digital environment where you have only virtual contact with your customers, content helps a lot in creating a bond between them. Content works like a magnet to attract the customers towards you. The right keywords and proper information are the tools of good content. It makes you real in this virtual and online world. If you own an eCommerce store and sell the products online then you already know how important the content is and even if you have taken the content lightly, then, it is the time to move on and work with good content and pull more customers on your store.

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