Struggling with Zero Sales??

The business is all about to make money and it is only possible when you will be having the customers. Having visitors on your online store is different than their turning to become potential customers. When people want to buy anything online, they visit many stores and explore the review section and only after getting convinced completely, they make their confirmed buying decisions. 

When you are new to the market and have exactly zero sales then it becomes more difficult to attract the customers as your store has not any review or rating. More often the customers don’t trust the online store on the very first visit. This troubles the retailers a lot when they are in their initial phase. 

If you too are one of them and have just put your foot forward in the journey of online selling, a new brand in the market and struggling to increase sales from zero to millions, then, hold yourself till the end of this article.

We are providing effective and working tips on how to build trust with the customers and grow the sales from zero and become a hero for your customers. 

1. Attracting Image: 

The mage is the first thing that captures the attention of the customers. The compelling image draws everyone’s attention instantly. The image plays an important role when you are selling for the first time. As customers are visiting your store for the first time, therefore, they should gain trust from the first capture itself.  While online shopping, customers have no physical sense of the items, they can find the items effective in the images only. So, while launching your store, you should get the captivating image for every product that can easily attract the buyers without any efforts. Follow Amazon way to process the image.

2. Honest Content:

Don’t forget, content is an effective tool in online business. After visiting the product, the customer next goes to the content section where they can find the description of the product. When they are satisfied with the image they want to know more about the product, its specifications, guaranty/warranty (if any), working and everything about the product so that they can compare the product with their needs. If everything fits well, your zero sales can be converted into the confirmed sale of your store. You need to be clear and specific while writing the product description that should not be buttery but should be specific and true.

To aid more, you can take the benefits of Enhanced Brand content on Amazon to describe and promote your brand in a comprehensive manner.

3. Right Pricing:

Not having any sales at your sales can be due to the improper pricing of the products. The customers are not making the purchase from the store just because they find you expensive. The pricing is an important factor that makes the difference in selling.  The online customers visit many stores and compare the product at every point and more importantly at pricing. The store where they find the product at an affordable price makes the purchase. Therefore, since you are at your initial phase, therefore, you must work with right and proper pricing strategies that can fit into every customer’s budget.  Once you will fuel your online store with the right pricing and right product, you will run with the number of sales. 

4. Security Feature:

When the customers find the product useful for them they proceed further to make the confirmed buying decision. But don’t think that you have won the battle here.  There can be many situations when customers might leave the buying step.  They can feel insecure while paying online or could not find the right payment method suitable to them. Therefore, you must leverage them with a secure feeling as money is important for all. Use the secure payment method and assure them that their transactions are being secured. Since the customers would share their card details, account detail or their code for making payment, so they need an assurance of a successful transaction without any obstacle in the payment. 

You can’t miss:

To get sales and become popular among the customers are difficult tasks but once you get successful in gaining the trust of the customers, you will win half a battle. Yes, only half the rest half is to retain the customer’s trust through your satisfactory services. You should be good and precise while dealing with the returns and refunds issues. Also, you must be prompt in answering the FAQs and active in dispatching and shipping the products so that they can get their ordered items on time. 


To get sales there exist many factors that attract the customers but the above-mentioned tips are foremost of all. If you are finding any difficulty in handling the initial phase of your online selling you can take the assistance of the service provider who can take care of your store right from the beginning to take you from zero and make a hero. 

We at evantage has already helped many online sellers in developing their Amazon store setup and have built up the rising graph of the sales at their store. We work with the sales growth strategy and have our exclusive sales-boosting package for the online sellers. With the long list of satisfied sellers, the dealers have earned the profit from the package. They have grown their sales from zero to the maximum and yet earning profit from online selling.

Be the next and break every barrier of zero sales. Reach us at Evantage

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