Amazon Guidelines Common Mistakes and Solutions During Q4 of Amazon

We are at the end of the Q4 (October-December) of Amazon. In this Q4 of 2018, November is about to end and December is on its way with the Christmas and year ending excitements. Talking about Amazon, it always has the chains of offers and deals for its customers exclusive for every quarter. Since this is the last month of the year, therefore, every Amazon seller would be thinking to make maximum money out from the Amazon. On the other hand, the holiday season and year ending with Christmas and arrival of the new year are giving major reasons to the shopaholics to boost their shopping experience.  

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Earlier records of last phase shopping-

The statistics of Amazon says that the sellers make the biggest sales in their last quarter. Q4 works as the Jackpot for the Amazon sellers. Every year the sales increases by 30% in the fourth quarter period of the year. In the year 2017, there was $35.13 billion revenue generated during the last quarter (Q4). This year also Amazon is in no mood to set at lower records. 

For its ending Q4, Amazon has issued the guidelines for its sellers-

1. Amazon strictly has warned its sellers to fulfill the orders on the due date and deadlines. To all Amazon sellers, it has issued the shipment deadlines and a certain planning that is needed to fulfill the orders to the customers.

2. It emphasizes to serve its customers on the time. If they are using MFN and personal warehouse then it strictly warns them to complete the orders on time without any delay or inconvenience to the customers.  For this, it emphasizes accessing FBA inventory and prime shipping services so that the buyers could get their orders on time.

3. If you are using FBA inventory, then, keep the below-mentioned dates in mind-

a. For Christmas selling, your inventory should reach Amazon's warehouse by December 5, 2018.
b. For the year 2019, don't be in hurry to put your inventory in Amazon's Fulfilment centers before 17 December 2018.

4. Amazon suggests its sellers make a plan for the proper shipping keeping the customs clearance, transportation time, and last moment delivery. Always calculate the delivery time estimation from your warehouse to the customers or from the 3rd party sellers.

Common Mistakes and their solution-

During the holiday season, around 41% increase come to the seller's bag. But sometimes, Amazon sellers being excited about the holiday season and more sales, they make so common mistakes which might cut their profits. 

So, let’s know that mistakes you might do unknowingly but should avoid-

  1. Not following the updated Amazon policies during the big occasions and rush.
  2. Wrong products selection for selling
  3. Improper listings
  4. Ineffective launching strategy
  5. Not updating the warehouse on time 
  6. Making PPC and campaigns only on the holiday exclusively
  7. Not fulfilling the orders on time that result in canceling the orders by the customers thus ending with no profit to the sellers. 

How can you avoid these mistakes?

  • Since the above-stated mistakes are not huge and therefore it misses our attention but it costs a large in terms of order cancellation, customer's repulsion or even worse customer's negative feedback which affect the store's repo widely. 
  • Therefore, a proper planning, right from the product's selections as per the holiday demands and effective launching and listing could make your products on the top and customer's first choice.
  • Follow Amazon's guidelines and make your inventory active for all the orders. Don't run out of stock anytime. Manage the inventory properly.
  • Update the listings.
  • Run the PPC and ad campaigns from a few days earlier. For instance, for the upcoming Christmas,  start your product's promotions and campaigns a week or two weeks earlier. So that the buyers could know about the upcoming hot deals you are offering.

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  • Use prime shipping for early delivery to the customers.
  • Use Amazon's Fulfilment centers for shipping.
  • Hire Amazon service provider to have a proper and organized store management and to maintain a good seller-buyer relation. 


The holiday gives a wide opportunity to the Amazon sellers. You can clear your stock in the hot-deals and make money in the peak time of sales when the buyers have many reasons to buy for them. Being in the last phase of Amazon's Q4, make your belt tight and convert this opportunity into profit.

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