Get Ready for Christmas and New Year Selling

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! Yes, Christmas is arriving with all the happiness and giving people a reason for shopping. The excitement of the Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year have been making people more enthusiastic and each day coming nearer, the sales have been increasing all over the online platforms as well as in the brick and mortar stores.

Not to be surprised, the online shopping mode is attracting more people towards it and is increasing the online retailer chances to make money. The wide shopping in festive season contributes to increased sales and revenue of the stores. Being at the end of Q4 of the year, the time has come to give a boost to your new year business goals. 

For the Q4 session, Amazon has already decided its deadlines for its sellers to send the items to Amazon fulfillment centers. It has set 14 December as the last day for Christmas sales. 

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for more details of the inventory deadlines: 

Hope you have already sent your inventory to FBA centers and are ready to get orders. But the thing that will make the magical difference in your selling experience is the items you are selling. You need to pick the right items for selling according to the festive season and people’s enthusiasm and that will fill your bags with loads of money and sales. 

What items will get more purchasing clicks this Christmas season-

Talking frankly, it is difficult to figure out the exact choice of the buyers. Therefore you need to be approx towards the customer’s choice. For this you should have researched the market, earlier purchase history of the buyers and seasonal items. 

For instance, for Christmas and Christmas Eve, people would love to buy gift items, greetings, toys, new dresses especially. Therefore embellishing your online Amazon store with these items will be profitable. The online buyers looking forward to Christmas shopping will definitely love these items and you could be their first choice. Also, Santa Claus dresses are popular among the children, caps, hats etc. will be good for Christmas selling.

Once you have done with your Christmas inventory, don’t forget that a new year is arriving too. For this also, Amazon has set the dates to send the items in its inventory.

After 25th December i.e. post-Christmas, you need to filter out the inventory in your store. The people’s choice and needs will change for the new year. They will no more be searching for the Santa Claus dress or Christmas tree toys. Therefore make up your inventory now with the new year trending items.

Here inventory forecasting is useful. It saves you from being in overstock and out of stock condition.

Now comes January

Wow...You will enter into Q1 from Q4. So, a plan change will be required to start your new year so that the whole year could go well in terms of profits and revenue generation. 

For January 2019, Amazon has asked its sellers to put the inventory after 17th December. The new year resolutions, market goals, and an effective strategy to start a new year will be required. From the starting itself, focus on the revenue generation and AOV so that sales volume could increase ultimately.

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In the upcoming days, you will be sailing your online retailing boat on the waves of festivals and buyer’s shopping enthusiasm. Focus on the buyer’s demand and new year goals for your business.

To move ahead with an effective e-commerce and marketing strategy, reaching an Amazon expert will be beneficial at the start of the year. So that you could move ahead in the planned manner for selling on Amazon and sales-boosting steps. 

Evantage is helping most of the e-commerce dealers to set their business on every marketing platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify etc. with its tactics to increase AoV and revenue.

What are you thinking? Come to us at evantage and start making money online.

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