Variation Listing- Impact on Amazon sellers

Amazon sellers need to list their products before selling on the Amazon store. The listing allows sellers to showcase their products to customers. Through listing, sellers add their news products that they want to sell on the Amazon. The products are added to the list on the basis of categories they belong to. The products that are different from each other can easily be added by individual listing while the products that are same in the brand but varies in size, color or any other feature can either be listed separately on individual product pages (Look at Comprehensive Guide on Listing your products on or all the products with variations in one listing on a single product page.
Many sellers get confused that whether they should list the same products with multiple options with different ASINs or same products with variations under one ASIN on a single product page. 

Let’s understand the variation listing:
Despite creating multiple individual listings for the product that varies in size or color or any feature, the sellers can go through listing with variations that cover all different products with a fixed price and same brand under single ASIN on a single page. The Amazon terms it as Parent-Child Relationship. The principal item called as parent item is listed with the description and images on the product page with its child options differing in specific features. When buyers click on this listed product, they can easily view the other items in your store.

The examples of multi-variation listing are:
1. Shoes available in different colors and sizes of the same brand and design.
2. Bedsheets of different colors.
3. The same brand water bottle in multiple colors.

Not for multi-variation listing:
1. Shoes from different brands with different styles (as with lace or without lace).
2. Bedsheets of different fabrics.
3. Water bottles are manufactured from different materials irrespective of the brand.

How to create a multi-variation listing?
It is easy to create a multi-variation listing on Amazon. As you go to Add a product for listing, the two options get opened for-either add your products on the existing list of Amazon catalog or can create new if you don’t find any matches. Again, you can upload your product individually or via bulk upload. Listing via bulk upload gives you an advanced option of multi-variation listing. Here are the steps for this process:
1. All the process starts by signing into Amazon seller central account.
2. Click on Add a Product via upload from the Inventory tab
3. Next, click on Add a variation using the variation wizard feature of Amazon.
4. It is the same as listing- as it has the options for adding a variation family in the existing list of Amazon’s catalog or you want to create a new variation family. If you don’t find your products in the Amazon catalog, then go for creating a new.
5. Then generate the template for your products through an advanced tab at the bottom of the page.
6. Download the generated tab. Here you need to enter the details of the products as parents and child.
7. First, you need to create a parent product by entering the details of product ID, product type,  brand, manufacturer, SKU, etc. on the generated template sheet.
8. Then in the next step, the SKU of child items and other details need to be filled. Here you need to mention the relationship and the varying factor of the child and parent items as size, color or other as accessories. It is to be noted that the SKU, brand, and manufacturer of the parent and child items should be the same.
9. Next, upload the images of all the child items. 
10. Now the final step is to update it and upload the Amazon inventory.
11. The parent-child relationship gets created successfully. Within an hour, this list would be visible to your buyers.

How multi-variation listing appears to viewers?
When you list your multiple products through a multi-variation listing, the only one product appears on the product page that you have selected as a parent item to display while adding your product to the Amazon list. The other similar products or child products can be purchased when a customer selects them. The parent item is not for sale. It is a template that shows all its variants.
How Variation listing is Impacting the Sales of Amazon Sellers??
The variation listing has impacted sales on a mediocre basis. They doubt the selling effect of both the listing methods. Some sellers find it advantageous while some find it as time-wasting.
Saves listing time: Imagine you have 10 same items in 5 different colors. If you go for listing them individually, you would be going to enter the same details of the brand, manufacturer, features, descriptions for 10 times, the only thing you would change is the color. This means you need to do a listing for 50 items. Oh my God! How much time would it take? Moreover, the complications and confusions would also be added. But if you go through variations in the listing, you can easily end up a listing for only 10 parent products differentiating its 5 variations. It is really a time-saving process. You can give your time to other important tasks for promoting your products.

Impact on Reviews: When you list your products through variations, the other products can earn the benefits of the best product of your list. The parent product must be selected that has more reviews so that when a customer clicks on your product page, they can easily be directed to other products on the same page, thus more chances to have more clicks on other low reviewed products. As an example- If you are selling red and blue T-shirts and with a red T-shirt having 100 reviews then the blue T-shirt will be identified with the same reviews. If individually, the blue T-shirt has low reviews, then selling through variation listing, reviews would be increased. Being an Amazon seller, you know better how important the reviews are for your store. No need to say that, the positive reviews affect the sales positively and help in boosting the sales rate.

Improves product ranking: The variation listing gives the advantage of ranking high for the products that are below in the ranking list. In variation listing, the review for any product will be counted for all the products listed. For example, if you have listed T-shirts of red and blue colors, if the red color T-shirt has high ranked in the search term, your blue color T-shirt would easily be identified on your product page with the same search words. This increases the ranking of your products on the search bar which drives the sales rate.

Drives more clicks: Another benefit of variation listing is that you can have more viewers and would-be buyers on your store. Customers come to your store to look for one product and end up clicking on multiple products on your page. Their clicks are more likely to be conversions when they find the right product on the same page.
Tips to have more benefits from variation listing:
1. List your products in that category that allows variations.
2. Highlight the most popular variations of your product that customers would like to search for.
3. Use more images to classify.
4. Manage and monitor your inventory at regular time-intervals after listing. If you find that sales are lacking, you can change the listing from variation to traditional.
5. Ask for Amazon support or Amazon service provider for the right and best-fit products in the listing.

The variation listing gives an easy and quick way for customers to go for several products on one page only. With this feature, Amazon not only boosts the shopping experience of its customers but also of its sellers. For sellers, variation listing is benefitted for the products that have low rankings and sales. As they can be merged with another product of the same category having high rankings. This variation listing drives the sales rate and thus the ROI of the sellers.

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